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Tribute To Our Dogs

Bullet was Brian's first true love. She was a German Short hair Pointer who was a high-energy, lean, muscular, semi-finished gun dog. She spent most of her life by my side mountain biking, cross-country skiing and hiking, often running up to 20 plus miles. Each morning, regardless of weather conditions, she required a daily brisk hike before spending long days in our showroom greeting customers. She also enjoyed pizza crust, steak bones, greenies and her comfy chairs. She could smell cheese from a mile away. She led a healthy, active life. At 14 years old, she was limited her favorite morning walks. she passed peacefully at 15 years in the fall of 2008.

Miss Jinx was a special dog.

While visiting Kathy Mattucci and her pack of excited “Velcro Vizslas”, 6-month old Jinx chose us to be her owners when she snuggled up to Brian. It was love at first sight.
She was Miss Happy-Go-Lucky; content to do “whatever” with just about anyone especially if you had treats.
She enjoyed running for hours just as much as curling up in front of the fire. Customers could find her on the showroom floor soaking up the sun.
Could Jinx swim? Sadly, she was the most pitiful swimmer in the whole Hollern family. To cool off from the summer heat she would sneak into our pond just up to her belly thinking we wouldn’t notice.
One of her favorite treats was iceberg lettuce. Grandma would feed her lettuce as a parlor trick. It was entertaining as parlor tricks go.
Jinx was the kind of dog that made us often ponder, “We’re never going to find another dog as good as her.
She passed peacefully on Christmas Eve 2019.